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Ductless Mini Split AC Troubleshooting

October 9th, 2008 · 15 Comments

As with any appliance, there are times when a problem may arise. Much of the ductless mini split ac troubleshooting can be done yourself before calling a repairman. This can save time as well as money. Many homeowners want to do as much of the work as they can do themselves before incurring the expense of calling in a professional. Before you make that call, here are a few things that you can check yourself:

If the unit is not working properly, your ductless mini split ac troubleshooting should begin by checking for a fault code on the display on the fan coil. The display usually shoes an E (for Error) and a number. This number allows you to narrow down the specific problem using the owner manual. If the problem is not solved, check the room temperature setting. This is usually done with the remote control. Check to see if the unit is in the correct mode and the setpoint is correct. If the air handler display is blank, you should check the breaker or fuse. If the unit has tripped the breaker, check the wiring connections to be sure everything is connected properly. You should also check the fuse on the control board if your air-handler unit is equipped with one.

Continue your ductless mini split ac troubleshooting by checking the air filter. The air filter should be washed once a month as a part of your regular maintenance on your system. Then check to see if the coil has any ice buildup around it. If so, check the fan to be sure it is working properly. Once you have eliminated any problems with the inside unit, you should move to the outside unit. Begin by checking the fan on the outside unit. If the fan is not working properly, the dual run capacitor should be checked. A bulging can is a sign that the capacitor can is bad and needs to be replaced. Next check the compressor to be sure that it is running and check the coil for the outdoor unit to be sure that it is not covered in ice. Next, check the refrigerant level. If the refrigerant needs to be replaced, check the laws in your area – some areas require that a certified professional handle refrigerant materials.

Are you thinking of replacing an existing air conditioning system? If so, you can see how easy ductless mini split ac troubleshooting can be. And, just think of the money you can save by being able to do much of the work yourself. Say goodbye to expensive repairmen and crawling around in the attic or underneath the house to troubleshoot. The ac mini-split system makes life cool and easy!

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